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i REEEEEAAAALLY like the opera browser.

but tumblr is such a fucking annoyance on it. 

it does not let comments on reblogs stay and you have to go and edit them 2 and 3 times before the text will stick. its annoying as fuck.

if you noticed, i started writing a lot of comments in tags. irony, the theme on my page doesnt automatically show tags.

tumblr. will you PLEASE fix this opera problem?  i already emailed them about it but its not like me saying please is gonna do anything. theyre too busy making new icons for no reason and redesigning the homepage every 20 minutes 


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    oh! ive actually stopped using the comp with that browser for a while… ill have to try it though!
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    hi, try setting the update interval of documents to always. Preferences > Advanced > History
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